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Crime and Safety

In order for a community to thrive it must be a safe and healthy place to live. We have seen a very sharp uptick of crime and gun violence across our ward. I am committed to working on these issues first and foremost. In order to address these issues, leadership must first admit that there is a problem and keep the community informed. We must provide the necessary tools to combat these issues.

A few times today I have heard police sirens going through our neighborhood (some now as I am writing this). Once again there have been more senseless shootings in the past few days in the city. It is very disheartening to see Saint Paul going down this path of destruction and devastation. Proactive safety measures must be taken and there are things that can be done. Example: About 6 months ago, I began to ask questions about camera's being placed in areas that have had a lot of crime and gun violence. Our families have the right to have safety measures put in place. I noticed that some areas of the city where this isn't a prevalent issue have several, and others who have a large increase in these issues, have none. These tools could be used to get relevant information with regards to active situations, and investigations. The difference? We have higher investments in safety measures for some neighborhoods and not others. For a city that talks about equity, in many different ways resources are not equitable. It's time to bring real solutions and actions to the table. We have much to work on but much that can be done. The first thing that leadership must do, is admit that there is a problem. Everyone deserves a safe place to live and equal protection.

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