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Fiscal Responsibility

There is an old saying... Live within your means. It refers to being responsible with your budget. In a household you have a budget, you pay your bills, and watch what you are spending. This same concept needs to happen in the city. Responsible and common sense spending are what we need to have take place by the city. Like with your own budget, from time to time you have to readjust and reconfigure what you need and what you don't. The money in the city budget belongs to us and city officials must be held accountable for how they are spending our money. It's called Fiscal Responsibility.

Just after talking to a resident about all the potholes throughout the
city, and how our roads are in some areas unmanageable to drive on, I
hit a pothole that ended up flattening my tire on my rental car. Over
the past few days I have heard about the damages to people's cars, some
far worse than my situation. This is a major safety issue for drivers.
Every year we here the same from our city officials about what roads are
to be fixed and when. When it comes to budgets, we must not waste money
on things that are unnecessary and pay for the things that are
necessary. Waiting for roadside assistance and paying out more money is
no one's ideas of a productive day.

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