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Affordable Housing

Affordable housing are buzz words that tend to get tossed around without any explanation so I thought I would share with you what that means plain and simple, "Affordable" housing is housing that does not exceed 30% of the area median income. In Saint Paul the area median income is $54,085. At 30% that equals to $16,225.50. When divided into 12 months, that equals $1,352.12 per month. So I once again ask... Affordable for who?

Lets look at rentals...
Most rentals require you to have an income that is 3 times the rent. this means to afford $1,352.12 in rent, you would have to have an income of at least $4,056.36 gross. We have a large number of individuals and families who bring in significantly less than that. So when officials say, affordable housing, this is what it would mean for Saint Paul residents. I myself would not be able to afford that.

So recently the mayor announced the $15 an hour minimum wage increase (this would be over time). So if you were making $15 an hour at 40 hours a week, that would make your income $31,200 a year. If you break that down to the 30% for housing, that means those folks could only afford a rent payment of $780 a month, That is a far cry from the "Affordable" $1,352.12 that is being talked about. Why no details such as this? Because being transparent and explaining what it is, tells the real story and for many that is not an option.

I believe in what I call Sustainable Housing. Housing where people can truly afford to live without having to use everything they have just to put a roof over their heads and then have to find other resources just to make it

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