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My past work

It is difficult to get in all you would like to in a minute or two at a forum. I understand that it is hard to know what I have done when I talk about the fact that I have worked in healthcare, human services, and education. As such, I want to share with you some snippets with regards to the work I have done. Please ask questions if you want to know more. Just keep in mind, that for privacy reasons (patients, students, etc) I may not be able to answer specific questions.
I worked at Phoenix Residence direct care with adults with disabilities (3 years),also Midwest Special Services in their DAC with adults with disabilities (3 years), at Gillette Children's Hospital as a nursing assistant with children with disabilities for 8 1/2 years. I worked in education through NE Metro 916 as a paraprofessional (one year)in a program for teens who faced legal issues , East Metro Integration District for 12 1/2 years as a paraprofessional, also a program coordinator for two programs, one for extra learning like how summer school is and the other to bring kids from 10 different districts together for STEM learning and integration at the Science Museum 3 years). I also wore different hats when others were gone at our elementary school ( nurses office and building secretary). The past 4 years I have worked at a Clinic as a Laboratory Technician ( drawing blood, processing specimens etc.) It is a lot to get into within a minute or two at a forum. There is so much more to all of these positions and the work I have done in these positions. I hope this helps to at least give you an idea of the work I have done.

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